Journal Publications

The Anticompetitive Effects of Minority Share Acquisitions: Evidence from the Introduction of National Leniency Programs (formerly: Minority Share Acquisitions and Collusion – Evidence from the Introduction of National Leniency Programs), with Kai Hüschelrath, Ulrich Laitenberger and Yossi Spiegel,

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, forthcoming.

Asymmetric Cost Pass-Through and Consumer Search: Empirical Evidence

Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2021.

Do Pay-As-Bid Auctions Favor Collusion? Evidence from the German Market for Reserve Power, with Georg Götz,

Energy Policy, 2021.

Legal Unbundling, Regulation and Pricing: Evidence from Electricity Distribution, with B. Krieger and M. Liebensteiner,

The Energy Journal, 2020.

Electricity Market Integration and the Impact of Unilateral Policy Reforms, with Luigi Grossi, Kai Hüschelrath and Michael Waterson

Oxford Economic Papers, 2018.

The Impact of State Aid on the Survival and Financial Viability of Aided Firms, with Kai Hüschelrath, Philipp Schmidt-Dengler and Maurizio Strazzeri,

European Economic Review, 2017.

The Impact of the German Response to the Fukushima Earthquake, with Luigi Grossi and Mike Waterson

Energy Economics, 2017.

Strategic Capacity Withholding Through Failures in the German-Austrian Electricity Market, with Julian Bergler and Kai Hüschelrath

Energy Policy, 2017.

Deregulation, Competition, and Consolidation: The Case of the German Interurban Bus Industry, with Niklas Dürr and Kai Hüschelrath,

Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 2016.

The Duration of the EC Merger Control Process: Determinants and the Impact of the 2004 Merger Regulation Reform, with Kai Hüschelrath and Ulrich Laitenberger

International Journal of the Economics of Business, 2016.

Working Papers and Work in Progress

Incumbency Advantages: Price Dispersion, Price Discrimination and Consumer Search at Online Platforms, with Klaus Gugler, Maarten Janssen and Mario Liebensteiner,

Revise & Resubmit at Management Science, 2021.

Support for Renewable Energy: The Case of Wind Power, with Robert Germeshausen and Ulrich Wagner, ZEW Discussion Paper, 2021.

Measuring the effects of COVID-19-related night curfews: Empirical evidence from Germany, with Sammy de Haas and Georg Götz.

State Aid, Productivity and Competition, with Dennis Rickert and Joel Stiebale.

Partial Vertical Ownership, with Nadav Levy, Yossi Spiegel and Ilona Tsanko.

Minority Shareholdings and Cartels: Evidence from European Cartel Cases, with Niklas Dürr, Yossi Spiegel and Ilona Tsanko.

The Effect of High-Speed Internet on Firm Entry and Exit, with Johannes Bersch, Niklas Dürr and Simona Wagner.

Consumer Search and Market Concentration.

Book Chapters

Ex-post Economic Evaluation of Competition Policy: The EU Experience, Edited by the European Commission, Wolters Kluwer, Brussels, 311-344, 2020.

The European Dimension of Germany’s Energy Transition - Opportunities and Conflicts, Springer, 97-122, 2019.

Bewertungskriterien von Fördersystemen aus ökonomischer Sicht, with D. Schober and O. Woll, in: Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen für EE-Projekte, Vol. II, BWV Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, Berlin, 2017.

Ökonomische Aspekte von Stromleitungsnetzen, with D. Schober and G. Götz, in: Stromleitungsnetze , Rechtliche und wirtschaftliche Aspekte, Oldenbourg, München, 287-330, 2014.

Other Publications (in German)

Ein Regelenergiemarkt-Plus als Kapazitätsmechanismus, et - Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen, 2015.

Braucht Deutschland jetzt Kapazitätszahlungen für eine gesicherte Stromversorgung?, with Paul Lehmann, Robert Brandt, Erik Gawel, Klaas Korte, Andreas Löschel, Philipp Massier, Matthias Reeg, Dominik Schober and Sandra Wassermann, et - Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen, 2015.

Kapazitätsmechanismen als Rettungsschirm der Energiewende? Zur Versorgungssicherheit bei hohen Anteilen fluktuierender erneuerbarer Energien im Stromsystem, with Matthias Reeg, Robert Brandt, Erik Gawel, Klaas Korte, Paul Lehmann, Phillip Massier, Dominik Schober and Sandra Wassermann, Helmholtz-Allianz ENERGY-TRANS Discussion Paper 2015. Link